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Research currently supported by the PRAC


Australian Early Development Census ( AEDC). Received May June 2015.

Teachers perspectives on the impact of the core impairments of ASD on their female students. Adele Jones. Master of Education Thesis. Victoria University. Date received June 2015


An evaluation of the Teacher Training Program for Early Childhood Management Services. Principal Researcher. Dr Mark Stokes Deakin University Date received May 2014

EARLY ABLES Research Project Department of Education.  Date received August 2014


International Schools Based Research ( ISBER)


Training of police officers and other professionals in specialist vulnerable person interviewing. Dr Michelle Mattison, Deakin University and Lancaster University, UK.Date received: 21 August 2012


School-Based Functional Behavioural Assessment for ASD
Dr Vicki Bitsika Bond University Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Date received: 5 of August 2011

Evidence Based Practices in Interventions for Children with ASD in 
general primary school classrooms

Dr Terry Bowles, University of Melbourne, Mary Thomson

The Female Profile of Autism: An examination of friendships
Alexandra Head, under the supervision of A/Prof Mark Stokes

Mirror neurons and motor skills
Tom Perkins, Kayleigh Young, Prof Mark Stokes, Dr Dawson Kidgell,
Prof Jane McGillivray, Mr Richard Bittar, Dr Janine Manjiviona,
Dr Kerryn Saunders

Personal grooming and dress in adolescents with Autism
Iskra Galic, Prof Mark Stokes, Dr Janine Manjiviona,
Prof Tony Attwood

Effectiveness of iPads for non-verbal students with ASD

Dr David Trembath Olga Tennison Research Centre