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To produce, gather and synthesize research that will inform practical, efficient and effective teaching practice.

To this end PRAC will engage in a range of activities, including research, promulgating best and emerging practice in autism intervention and education, through collaborative projects.

 The research will focus on supporting teachers to understand the individual learning needs of autistic students, and collaborate with parents to design Individual Learning Plans to address identified target goals and select validated teaching options matched to target goals.  Research topics will include for example:

  • Effectiveness of Evidence Supported Practices for individual students and at different schooling stages;
  • Teacher Fidelity in implementation of interventions;
  • Research based literacy and numeracy interventions to address learning needs of students across different age and stages of schooling, and the nature of reading and writing difficulties and teaching programs;
  • Research supported school based Social Skills programs;
  • Outcomes of Positive Behavior Support programs for different school sectors;
  • Efficacy of devices, simple communication aids and other assistive technology designed to support social and communication expression;
  • The nature of cognitive processes; assessment of cognitive abilities as an alternative to intelligence assessment;
  • Outcomes of Parent Training programs and what parents want as outcomes in schools.

PRAC will disseminate the results of its research by publications, conferences and workshops, and providing web based resources and consultancy.

The PRAC research both draws on and informs the training courses for professionals at the Autism Teaching Institute, other training organizations and higher education institutions.