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The Autism Teaching Institute (ATI) was established by Western Autistic School in 2005 to deliver specialist teacher training in the area of students with ASD with the brief to create systemic change. This occurred in response to a perceived need for specifically trained professionals in this area of great need.

With the growth of the ATI and the concentration of expertise there has been over the last couple of years a number of requests for ATI to be involved in research projects and to also to supervise ASD research projects. Such requests are also a result of the recently established registered pathway into a Master of Education at Victoria University for ATI Diploma Graduates, and more generally because of the increased recognition of the real need for research in schools to improve the knowledge of Evidence Based Research (EBR) in education of students with ASD. 

Whilst the ATI is supportive of this work it is not part of its core business. Therefore the ATI supports the establishment of the Practical Research Autism Centre (PRAC), as a separate but mutually supportive entity of the ATI, which will focus on taking research into schools and disseminating best practice in schools whilst informing the training and development of the ATI courses.