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About PRAC

  • Disseminating quality applied research
  • Cooperation and collaboration with research communities
  • Delivery of quality instruction in research, assessment and evaluation
  • Informing and influencing educational public policy
  • Provision of relevant research findings to training and service providers
  • Repository of resources and tools for school leaders, teachers, Education Support staff and schools


One of our goals is to continue to connect with other researchers to further build our student centred strengths based pedagogy for autistic students.

An appropriate governance structure is to be determined. PRAC is in its infancy and the first goal is to build an international well connected Board. It is proposed that the ATI supports the development of PRAC and that ultimately the two entities will provide mutual support for each other. Currently the ATI is a Registered Training Organisation that exists as an unincorporated entity under the wider umbrella of Western Autistic School.