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Deakin University partnered with the International School Based Education Research (ISBER) Project

The ISBER was a collaboration between the Department of Education and Early Childhood (DEECD), Autism Victoria, and Autism Teaching Institute.  Deakin University's Associate Professor Mark Stokes was the Principal Researcher for this unique collaborative research initiative.

The ISBER is based on the Autism Speaks Education Research Initiative. Following research in London schools, Autism Speaks reached out to International partners to replicate and expand on the body of educational based research.  It is with pleasure that ISBER is a major project based at PRAC, and has involvement and representation by such key members in the field of autism, education and research.

The ISBER project concluded in December 2013. 

Project Director:

Mary Thomson

Project Creator:

Emma L. Donaldson

Research Team:

Sarah Dymond, Emma Donaldson, Mary Thomson, and Professor Mark Stokes.

Supporting Organisations:

The Autism Teaching Institute, the Department of Education and Early Childhood, Deakin University, Amaze, Autism Speaks, and the Practical Research Autism Centre.


Victorian primary and secondary school teachers and principals.

Project Timeline:

June 2011 to July 2013.

The PRAC contributed to the International School Based Education Research (ISBER) Project. The ISBER Project is an exciting collaboration between DEECD, Autism Victoria, Autism Speaks, the ATI, Deakin University and PRAC.

The focus of the project was to examine best practice within Victorian school classrooms for children with an autism spectrum disorder. A total of 29 schools participated, with teachers and principals providing invaluable information about their current practice, issues faced in the classroom, and their wants and needs. 

We were very excited about presenting our findings at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) Conference in Spain in May 2013.

PRAC has created a resource for teachers in response to the project. 

For details please contact:

Samuel Hindes

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